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Launching a podcast show is no simple task, but it's far from impossible or hard.

We've compiled 9 steps that we feel are vital when launching a podcast show. Follow these step by step and you'll have your very own podcast show in no time.

1) Create Your Show Name - This is the starting point for your show. Once you have a name you can start the branding aspect and you can also start teasing the release of your upcoming show.

2) Design Show Logo - Having a logo for your show is vital. This is what you will use to brand and market the show. It's also what will show up in the iTunes and Google Play store when people are searching for your podcast to download and listen to.

3) Record An Audio Intro - While not required, but definitely highly recommended, a professional audio intro is important as it gives your show the professional feel and it just sounds better all around.

4) Buy Podcast Equipment - You'll need a good condenser microphone to make sure you sound great when recording your show. Amazon has a bundle for around $90 that gives you the USB microphone, headphones and a pop filter for the microphone. The microphone is plug and play and will work with most audio recording softwares that you may be using.

5) Establish Show Schedule and Logistics - Figure out your show schedule by determining what day of the week your show will be released. 

How long will your show be? What kind of show is it? Educational (you teaching)? Interview based?

Planning your show logistics will help you stay organized!

6) Record 3 episodes - While you might not have the available time (or energy) to record 4 episodes at a time, try to record at least 2 each time so that you're constantly ahead of schedule. There's nothing worse than having to be a slave to your own show once a week, you can breath a little easier if you've already got next week's show done when you release this week's.

7) Edit The Episodes - Chances are you, if you are not technically inclined in the audio engineering space you will most like NOT be editing your episodes. Perhaps you have someone on your team that can assist with this task, if not you can hire a freelancer on or that for around $50-$60 per episode. When you're paying someone to do it you and set expectations and deadlines which helps you keep things running smoothly.

8) Post Episodes - As soon as your episode(s) is done being edited it is time to post (or schedule) your first episode release. First and foremost you need to uploaded the edited episode to a podcast/audio hosting platform like or - for a monthly fee of less than $20/month you can sign up for an account and uploading your episode is as easy as uploading a video on YouTube. 

9) MARKET Episodes

The easiest way to promote your podcast is via Social Media, Facebook specifically because you can run ads and target people who are interested in podcasts and your demographic.

Additional ways to market your podcast show are:

* Send an email to your email subscribers
* Post on Twitter
* Share on
* Ask your friends, co-workers, employees, etc to share the episode
* Run Google Pay Per Click ads

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